Underneath the glass are all sorts of family memorabilia – boy scout badges, patches and pins – college letters, even childhood glasses

What do you do with all that ‘stuff’ you inherit, find, keep, box up and have hanging around in the attic? My husband and I have become the memory repositories for our families and have some REALLY cool stuff from generations as far back as the early 1800s. Most of it was in boxes in closets and our attic. When my mother-in-law moved from a house to an apartment there was even more cool stuff to comb through. 

Our solution was to make a shadow box table. My father built the frame, box and designed the top to hold a piece of glass, under which we have stored LOTS of family memorabilia. We stained it with Ryt fabric dye (yes, fabric dye!) and I calligraphied around the base. The table seats eight and we can now enjoy each item as we use the table for family events. It is the perfect way to combine form and function into a family treasure.

If you are interested in having this type of table built for your collection, contact us at info@annartgallery and provide details about the size you need. We will be glad to provide an estimate, including the finish work and glass cover.

Coming soon to our website are several other examples of glass-topped tables where we have preserved and display collections and antiques.