Okay, the date has been set for me to drop off my work for the next step in the jurying process. I will travel to Asheville, NC on Monday, August 20th to deliver five pieces. These need to be the best representation of my work in the last two years. I may also include photos of five other pieces that encompass my body of work. What does that mean? Good question. I called the guild and was informed to include photos of work that might best demonstrate other work for my medium that may or may not be for future sale in the five guild gift shops throughout the southeast. In other words, work I have completed that is not represented in the five pieces I will be delivering.

So now the creating over the next two months takes on a whole new layer. I have several pieces I have in process, several I have not started, and several I have yet to translate from my brain to my notebook. What to work on first? What to complete? What to leave for another time? What pieces do I already have that will be the best representations of my work? The jury will be reviewing my craftsmanship and the level to which I execute the concept. They will be judging everything from framing to the finishing work on the back, hanging hardware and the overall quality of the completed work. When I write it down, I get nervous.

During my phone call, I also learned a bit more about the jurying process. Tables will be set up around a large room and the works will be set up for each judge to visit. As my art is two dimensional, the judge will lean over the piece or have someone hold it up to see what it would look like hung on a wall. Each piece is then evaluated on a numbering scale. Each artist’s score from each judge is then tabulated, and those reaching the necessary level are invited to join the guild. GULP! They complete the jurying process on August 27th, and will inform the artists of their status at the beginning of September!

My mind is racing and my creative juices are trying to prioritize my ideas and timeline. I will be sure to post to the blog the items I end up taking AND my thoughts on why I am taking each piece. Let the creating and concentrating continue…