OMG!!! I received a letter today from the Southern Highland Craft Guild, and my application was ‘accepted’ for round 1 – WOO HOO!!!! That means I move onto round two! Holy Cow, mackerel, camoley!!!! All those combined. I don’t know if my typing can express via exclamation points and capital letters how HUGE this is!!!!

I was at work when my Mom read me the letter over the phone; she saw it in the mail and could not wait until I got home. I was so excited, but trapped in the cubicle….so I went in a dark conference room and did a very energetic, silent happy dance!!! I jumped up and down VERY enthusiastically until I had my fill…then proceeded BACK to the cubicle where I finished my work for the day. It was hard to concentrate the rest of the afternoon, but I did.

What is round two you ask? I take my work (framed and unframed) to a jury session in Asheville, NC in August. That jury then reviews the entire slate of round two applicants and makes a decision as a whole…I think. I will verify this as I prepare for the session. I do not get to attend the session, I drop off my work three days earlier then wait for another letter in the mail. The jury is looking for craftsmanship, expertise in your chosen category, creativity, and price point. If I pass round two, I am then offered membership in the Guild AND the opportunity to sell my work in their five gift shops throughout the southeast.

I will keep you posted as I prepare. I am going to create new work for the Atlanta Arts Festival in September (I am on the waitlist for that one) and will use that new work for the SHCG round two jury. So, many thanks to those who encouraged me along this path…stay tuned, it’s getting exciting.

Here is a link to the guild so you can check out the artists already in the SHCG.