The process of applying for shows takes time, money and good photographs of your work and your booth. Each show is different in what they want for their application, when it is due, and how artists are notified. Today I received notification that I have been wait listed for this festival, and will be notified after July 2nd if I will be invited to participate. Woo Hoo! I will consider this a success, with concrete success to hopefully follow in July.

What does being on the waitlist mean? Well, to quote the Boy Scouts of America, “Be prepared!” The category in which I applied must have an artist drop out or decline to participate in order to be invited. It also means that I won’t find out if I am “in” until the middle of July. So being prepared is crucial. I will need to have my inventory and booth ready to go, sort of like a Fireman waits for a fire…artists wait when placed on the wait list. It is exciting to have made it thus far; it is the largest local show I have applied for…so wait list is good. To quote the notification:

Due to the outstanding quality of the artwork submitted this year, competition was very strong. The jury process was performed anonymously by a panel of professionals and each year a new panel of jurors is selected. All artists’ digital images were viewed twice. In the first round the jurors viewed your digital images carefully and others under your specific category. In the second round the jurors viewed your digital images again and discussed the merits of your artwork. Once the discussion has ended, each artist was awarded a numeric score. Based on these scores the selection of participating artists and a wait list were chosen.

To be considered is an honor. There are only 200 artists included in the festival. Knowing that artists from across the country applied, to be wait listed is a good thing. So stay tuned, and I will keep everyone posted on whether or not I am invited to participate. Just a reminder, I have been wait listed both years for the American Craft Council Shows, but in the case of that show I was #1 on the waitlist…here I don’t know where I stand. Exciting, a success, and yet still a big unknown!