My First Outside Show – or Art Show Problem Solving 101

Mark your calendars, the weekend of May 19 & 20th I will be in my first outdoor show. I have been asked to exhibit in the Canton Festival of the Arts. It will be held in Brown Park near City Hall. I am very excited, and a bit nervous as well. Outdoor shows are very different from indoor shows….for obvious reasons, but for some not obvious reasons. An example is below:

The Cash Register – for an indoor show, we purchase electricity and internet to process credit cards. How do you do that outside when there is no electricity available? Welcome to Art Show Problem solving 101…today we will learn how to solve and save…both being very important on the art show circuit. In the Canton show, we are not purchasing electricity, so no way to power our credit card machine. My brilliant husband researched several options, and we have signed up for SQUARE, an iPhone app.  It electronically processes credit cards for a small transaction fee, the device is free, and it automatically deposits the funds into our gallery account the next day.  We bought work from two artists at the ACC show, they both used this method, and raved about it. And yes, being the problem solvers that we are, we went to Brown Park over the weekend and actually tested it on a $1.00 sale…BRILLIANT! It even calculated the tax automatically! It worked so well, and we had so much fun testing it that we then sold ourselves another $1.00. Woo Hoo for technology!!! It worked, the funds were deposited the next day and all was right with the world. We also received both a text and an email receipt as requested. Whew! That discovery alone will save us hundreds at future shows. No need to dismantle the gallery credit card machine and transport it, when on the road we will use SQUARE.

Future episodes of Art Show Problem Solving 101 will include…

  • A tent – come rain or come shine…
  • Hanging Art – lions, and tigers and bears oh my!!!
  • The facilities – I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore…
  • Setup – or how to time travel without the flux capacitor…
  • Eating – let’s get Mikie, he won’t eat it he hates everything…

Stay tuned and join us on our adventure. If you have any questions you would like to ask about being in an outdoor show, let me know. I will be glad to answer your questions. And if I don’t have the answers I can at least share our experiences as we travel through this problem solving adventure.


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