We are home, the Uhaul is unpacked and we are exhausted. All the ‘stuff” from the show is in the garage, waiting to be set back up in the gallery. THAT will begin tomorrow when I get back from work.

The last day of the show was excellent. We had LOTS of people ask me about commissioned work – I lost count after about ten. It just so happened that there was a bridal show today, right next door to the ACC show. And remember, I had the wedding piece that I created for Mike & Laura Green’s daughter’s wedding next month…as a sample of course. There was one woman who wanted to buy it – REALLY!?! She liked it so much she asked if I had another one I could sell or could she buy that one…uh, well, it says Brittany and Shane on it, not sure why she wanted to buy it. Found out she was a bride who had been at the show next door – which turned out to be pretty poor – so she came into the ACC show with her mom, aunt, sister and LOVED my work. She picked up every piece in the booth and read it carefully. Her mom then talked to me about a custom piece for her wedding….and I gave them the information, the form they will need to fill out, and told them how to get in touch with me, where the gallery is located and ‘Yes’ she can make an appointment and pick out her own papers. I did that a lot this afternoon. Many brides and entourages stopped by and saw that piece. Woo Hoo!

And let me tell you, for those who think Artists are unorganized, scatter brained and a little ditzy…I beg to differ. I have never seen a more organized and motivated group as I did when the 5:00 hour hit, the announcer closed the show, and the tear down began. We had four people, one sedan, the Uhaul and a small SUV and we got done relatively quickly. Wow – there were people who were still packing and then had to drive cross-country to get home. It’s a nomadic lifestyle to live/move from show to show across the country, go home to make more ‘art’, and then get back on the  road. These are incredible people who are masters as business ownership, accountability and organization…wow! I stand in awe of their lives and lifestyles.

We finished packing everything up at 6:35pm…after eating dinner out, we got home at 9:12pm…my bed looks very appealing right now!