In order to do all the work I have done, there has to be priorities. And with priorities come decisions, times you say yes, times you say no…and times when things fall off the radar. There has to be a focus on what you HAVE to do to get the job done, and what can be left undone in order to reach the ultimate goal. And when you are married, working and running a business, there has GOT to be good communication.

I am not a cook nor a perfect housekeeper. I do lots of things well, neither of those make that list. My toilets are usually less than sparkling, my floors are not suitable for the 5 second rule…more like the one second rule with a shot of penicillin! My lawn is not manicured – it helps that we live in the country – and my car finish does not shine, except when it is raining. I don’t wear the latest fashions in the stores, my jewelry is stylish and beautiful, but most of it was not bought in the last ten years. I drive a car that is model year 2006, and have lived in my house for over seven years…with no plans to move until I’m dead.

I have an awesome husband who cooks – he’s a foodie – I married well when it came to food. He cooks, goes to the grocery store and generally makes sure I don’t die of starvation. He vacuums, cleans and even irons…like I said, I married REALLY well. This work I am doing to prepare and plan for the American Craft Council Show is part of his dream as well. He had to agree to get on this ride with me, adopt the same priorities, endure the ‘undones’ and work hard when required. We are partners in this adventure, sharing the excitement and the anxieties.

Anxieties? Really? You bet. We have sunk a lot of time and money into something that I have never done before. We have booth fees, electricity fees, phone lines fees, art supplies, framing supplies, display stands, tape, glue, paper, trailer rentals, bubble wrap – lots of bubble wrap – plastic bags, paper bags, handouts, price tags, guest books, websites, credit card processing fees, transportation costs, hotel  fees, meals, insurance…whew! LOTS of costs and investments. This was a commitment we made back in August 2010 when I applied for the show. What if nothing sells? What if no one likes my art? What if I am a big fat failure? (Yes, I think these things – really!) What if…

And then I remind myself, or my husband reminds me, that I was accepted into the show. A jury of artists liked my work enough to invite me to attend the show. Complete strangers saw 5 sample pieces via digital shots and said yes…they wanted my work to be shown in their national show. My art sells in our gallery, why would it not sell in this show? And with this being the first national show I have applied for, I was accepted. There are artists who have tried for two decades to get into this show,and have still not been accepted.

So I reset my priorities and get back to work. Which means that things around my house do not get done…take a look at what my house plants look like, my laundry pile, the boxes in my hallways and the lack of anything good in my refrigerator…

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So to all those people who think that you have to do it all, I say cow puckie! No one can do it all. NO ONE!!! If they tell you they can do it all, there are three possible reasons for their denial – they lie, they have staff, or they live a better life through chemicals! No one can chase their dream and have everything done all the time…something has got to slide. And the people around you have got to support that, or you have the wrong people around you. I will tell you this, no matter what the sacrifice – dead plants, unclean laundry, boxes in hallways and empty refrigerators, lost sleep, small bank balances and dirty cars- all that can be fixed, corrected or cleaned in time. The experience of living your dream, chasing your passion and putting it all on the line…well, the adventure is worth it…every bit of it.

Come visit us this weekend and share in our adventure!