Yes, you read correctly. I am going to be interviewed tomorrow for a story that will run in the AJC this Thursday. The article is about being a Project Manager by day and a master artist by night. Myself and another artist in the show will be featured. Sort of makes me feel like a calligraphy crime fighter…what would my crime fighting name be? Calligrawoman? Letter Gal? Color Avenger? OOOO, too much time for me around ink and paper.

Be sure to check out the article. I will post the link as soon as it is available. Both this and the article in the Cherokee Tribune were organized, pitched and arranged by the PR firm for the show. I guess that booth fee I paid is working out well for me as a PR tool. They have done a very good job promoting me. I appreciate it all very much. Makes me realize how valuable people who are experts at what they do are to someone new in a career, event, field…experts make all the difference. Sort of like when my Dad told me that you can do anything if you have the right tool…sometimes people/experts in their fields are that right tool.