Yup… at some time it would happen. Had an accident last night with the utility knife cutting mats for Ann. I was happily cutting them when, I don’t know if I got distracted or complacent… but all of a sudden I felt a pain and know I had done some REAL damage. I had just put in a new blade, so it was VERY, VERY sharp at that point. When I looked down, I think I had cut about 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch off the fleshy part of my left thumb. I have a pretty high threshold of pain, so it didn’t really hurt all that much.

I immediately put some pressure on it and looked around for some help. Ann was there with me, and knew something was up. We went up stairs (not rushed… I am not that way, and didn’t want to freak her out too much!) to the sink and proceeded to flush it out. To say there was some bleeding was an understatement. Not to gross anyone out too much, but saw a nice chunk of thumb skin flapping in the water flow. Ugh. Somehow it is still attached, and smart or not, I have elected not to go to the emergency room over this. Really… not much they can do. It’s not like I lopped the whole thing off where they can reattach things. So I have bound it up pretty tightly and no bleeding so far. She was a real trooper, she’s not much for blood.

When I bump it, of course, I get some pain… but other than that, nothing. I will be going to the drug store in a couple of hours to get some meds I need filled and figure I’ll get some Neosporin or something for a little later this week when I change the bandage. No sense in making an extra trip if’n you don’t need it! With the price of gas now days!

I don’t imagine changing the bandage will be any fun. But I, of course, don’t want any infection or anything else (gangrene anyone?). Especially with Ann’s show and our trip to Japan all with in the next 3 weeks!

Need to get “back on the horse” so to speak this evening and do some more mats and continue on the jewelry box (I had cut a piece of paper for the lid and realized it was the wrong size… I have a REAL issues with wasting paper. Makes me feel guilty… or maybe I am just a cheapskate!). I did cover the bottom of the insert box and the base of the main box… no pictures right now, accept my apologies… was a bit distracted!