Great Weekend! We have all been busy and got great things done. All the framed items are framed, and 85% of them are hanging in the mock booth. A couple still need backing and plexi, other than that we are well on our way. I also finished a dozen or so unframed pieces as well. Good news is we have broken the back of most of the hard labor and the rest is getting things ready to transport to the show. I do still have unframed art to create, but that will be done by the end of this week.

And Where’s Waldo? Anyone remember that childrens game? We play a different version here. Our version is called ‘Where’s Jezzy?” Yes, you guessed it. This weekend our feline art connoisseur decided that she needed to be in the mix of everything. And I do mean everything.

Every time someone turned around, there was Jezzy. I think she wants to be involved…what do you think?

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