Yes, 19 days. This time in three weeks the show will be over and all of us will be ready for a coma! We are all very excited and looking forward to it all, yet before we know it the show will be over.

This has been a VERY productive weekend. I finished 14 framed pieces – yes, 14!!! Woo Hoo! That’s the majority of the framed pieces that needed to be completed. I put together the frames, cleaned the plexi glass (which is THE worst job of all) attached the artwork to the mat board and backing, and put it all together. Whew! I’m glad we are over that hill…

But all that would not have been possible without a lot of help from everyone on this end. Dad and Kevin cut the plexi on the workshop saw (thank God those two Eagle Scouts figured that out instead of having to do it by hand!) They also cut all the foam core for each piece, as well as the plexi glass for the remaining half dozen frames I have to complete this week. If you ever have had to use plexi glass – cut it, pull off the protective covering, clean it, try and keep the static on the plastic from grabbing ever spec of dirt off your working surface, then fit it into the frame without any dust getting attached via static – then you know what a pain it can be. It looks great in the frames but what an exercise in patience to get it there…I would rather change kitty litter than do that part of each framing job – and we have three cats who can poop up a storm! We are all glad THAT part of this is done.

Mom also finished four of the eight curtains for tables. They make such a HUGE difference on the tables and in the booth display. I took a picture of the work we are stacking up in the booth set up, so you can see all the pieces coming together. Notice what a beautiful difference the table skirts make…it is all coming together.

And I think Jezzy one of our cats is trying to work on getting some sort of commission. She always seems to be in the midst of things as we are working in the gallery. None of the shots of her are posed, she just puts herself right in the picture. No she is not coming to the show, but I’m sure some of her cat hair will arrive with us!

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