Dry Wall Dust: Friend or Foe?

Well it’s official, our flood was a stage three in terms of the insurance company. What that means is that anything the water touched has to be replaced or destroyed. UGH!

At this point I have talked to at least 5 different claim’s adjusters, three or four cleaning crews, and one contractor – oh and let’s not forget the plumber. Everyone has been very nice, helpful and explained the “process” very well. And our house, studio, gallery and workshop are torn to pieces. And now the real fun begins….

So I choose to be thankful. There is a mess, and later this week EVERYTHING on the first floor and in our lower level goes into a POD for storage during construction. It will probably take 5-6 weeks to complete all the construction and rebuild. So I choose to be thankful. We have a saying in our bedroom that states:

       We tend to seek happiness, when happiness is actually a choice…

So in light of ALL this mess (literally) we are making the choice to be thankful. We are thankful for insurance, thankful for vendors who are good at their jobs, and thankful that our beautiful home and gallery will be all better in several weeks.

Yes, this means we are closed until probably a weekend in May. So stay tuned, we will keep you posted on our progress…and be thankful! We are!!!

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Water, Water everywhere and not a drop to drink…

Water is a powerful force;  it brings life, it causes death, it wipes things clean and wipes them out. It is small, sleek and able to change the course of objects much larger than itself. Friday evening I discovered water pouring down from the ceiling of our gallery. There was between one and two inches of wetness moving quickly across the space. It had spread into our studios and wood working shop and the mess was growing, until we turned off the water to the house. Ugh - that’s not what I said when I found it!!! But now I have perspective.

I am thankful for insurance. I know a great deal of artists who do not have insurance for their art or their workspaces because they cannot afford it. So we are fortunate. I was able to start the claim process and call a vendor who came within two hours and started the clean up process. In total we have 21 fans and 5 industrial dehumidifiers working to dry out all the spaces impacted by the water.

Only a couple of paintings were damaged from a framing perspective. They will need to be reframed later, and insurance will probably cover it. Kevin lost four new books he created, so those will not be able to be replaced. Tables and furniture got wet, but we were able to wipe of the water quickly enough so only a little touch up will be needed. I’m sure there will be other casualties, but we can’t see all that yet. The walls and floors will need some work, so once the fans and dehumidifier leave we will be able to tell how much work we will have to clean it all up.

The real challenge is Dad and I are getting ready for shows, so our work has been interrupted. I took what I could up to our living room and have camped out on a small drafting table – working one mat at a time while hiding from all the fan noise. The weather here is getting warmer, so Dad will be able to move outside this afternoon to sand and keep his projects moving. I just hope we are able to get done what we planned before it’s time to sell at shows.

No one died, no one is bleeding and we will be able to repair or clean it all up. I suppose that means that our Spring cleaning this year will take on an entirely new menaing…yipes! C’mon Spring! So this week when you drink a glass of water, be thankful for its many attributes and check the status of your insurance policy…we have water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink!


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Bound and Lettered – I Made the Cover!!!

Yes, it’s true. My work made the cover of Bound and Lettered magazine. The title of the article is Marbelized Mats from Paper Scraps and appears on page 28. It is four pages long; it includes photos from the studio flat files, my scrap bins, and 4 samples of my work. It also includes a “how to” example from a commissioned work I recently completed. The bottom of the cover features mat snapshots from two of my pieces that appear elsewhere in the magazine. Here you can see a shot of the cover.

bound and lettered cover shot Jan 2014

Back in October, I was approached by John Neal, the owner of Bound and Lettered and Letter Arts Review magazines. First, when I saw his name in my inbox, I screamed. Then when I read the email, I was shocked. He asked me to write an article about my mats. To say I was thrilled is a HUGE understatement!!! The fact that John Neal knew my name, liked my work, AND wanted me to write about it was amazing, and a real milestone for my art career.

How did this happen you ask, let me tell you. I was featured in a regional magazine last August in a story about the gallery being my MBA project. I bought extra copies of that magazine and sent them to other magazines. On each magazine I sent out, I wrote a short message on a post-it note to check out the article as it was a great story. When John Neal sent me the email, he noted that he looked at our website and was intrigued by my work. He had been reviewing calligraphy for over twenty-five years and had never seen anything like my mats.  

The article chronicles my journey from collecting marbelized paper scraps to creating intricate mats to combine with my calligraphy work. I walk the readers through how I create my work and combine the papers into unique creations. It was a real joy to share my story and unique perspective. I have been a subscriber to Bound and Lettered for decades and can’t believe I am now a paid contributor to their content.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me thus far in my journey, this one is for you! To quote Henry Ford, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right!” Get it? Think big and think you can, amazing things will happen!

If you want to preview this issue, here is the link to the website. You can also order copies directly from the publisher. Needless to say we are buying extra copies and will have them for sale in the gallery.


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